The great gift of human beings is that we have the power of empathy.
— Meryl Streep

Hannah is a San Diego, California  native who was born into a creative environment and raised with a strong appreciation for the way the arts can positively affect our world.   She has an extensive dance, theatre and vocal education which has shaped her versatile performance skills.  She attended Coronado School of the Arts in Coronado, California, a highly esteemed performing arts academy which helped her identify her dream of impacting others through storytelling on both stage and screen.

Hannah earned a BFA in Theatre Performance with a minor in Psychology from Chapman University.  She has a strong interest in Art Therapy and is exploring ways to incorporate this into career trajectory.




In addition, Hannah is extremely passionate about healthy living and body positivity!  She hopes to inspire others with her creativity in the kitchen and balanced mindset of what a healthy life looks like, all while supporting her love of donuts!  

Hannah puts her heart into everything she sets her mind to and has a strong work ethic to support her intense passion for life.  She leads with curiosity and is always looking for ways to be a constant contributor in the artistic process and in her community.  She has a unique ability to think on her feet and solve problems.  Hannah is thrilled to be in the Los Angeles Entertainment market and is grateful to work in a city overflowing with artists!